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A good starting point for bankruptcy questions
By Merida
I am in the process of filling out the bankruptcy online application but I have some questions:

1) My partner (who I live with) has 2 children who come and stay with us at weekends and during school holidays. Do I include them on the dependents part of the application?

2) Do I include the child maintenance payments and other expenses he pays for them in the monthly budget?
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By Geraldine
Hi Merida

Welcome to the forum :)

This depends on your relationship. If you have only recently moved in with your partner then it might be easier to simply treat yourself as a lodger. Then you only need to include your income. You can put rent on your expenses just in the same way as if you were lodging anywhere else.

However if you have been living together for longer and your finances are more intertwined (for example you have a jpint tenancy agreement) then you will need to include both your incomes and total household expenses in the budget.

If you go with the 2nd scenario then yes include the maintenance he pays for his children and an uplifted amount for housekeeping for when they stay with you.

You could also include them as dependents on the application so they are highlighted to the OR and you can discuss the associated expenditure if necessary.
By Merida
Hi Geraldine,

I have been living with my partner since July 2018 but I am not on the tenancy agreement as it would have cost us an administration fee when I moved which we couldn't really afford so we just left it in his name. I believe the only joint bill we have with both our names on it is the council tax. All bills go out of his account and I just pay him a lump sum every month. However I have found most months I end up paying for most of the food and other expenses when needed. Could you please advise me on what you think would be best? We are planning on moving this year in which case we would then have both our names should be on the new tenancy agreement.
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By Hayden
Hi Merida

Given you have been living with your partner for nearly 2 years and your name is on the council tax bill I think you will have to do a joint income and expenses budget.

That said if your application was carefully prepared you might be able to manage it as simply a lodger. My advise would be to speak to James Falla at Beat My Debt about the assistance service he offers. Using this might give you some peace of mind.