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A good starting point for bankruptcy questions
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By Hayden
Let us know how you get on Nicvic73

I am sure you will have questions along the way so don't be afraid to ask :)
By Nicvic73
Hi I submitted my application tonight it says it can take up to 28 days to review & make a decision! But I was also told that it’s usually the next working day? How long roughly will I have to wait??
Thanks any info is appreciated
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By Geraldine
Well done Nicvic73

The process allows the Adjudicator up to 28 days to make a decision on your application but this is to build in contingency in case they struggle to establish your identity or other issues arise.

99% of cases are decided the next working day. I would expect you received an e-mail on Tuesday stating that "the status of your application has changed". This would mean you are now bankrupt and the next step will be speaking to the official receiver.

Let us know how you get on :D