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Answers to all your PPI claims questions if you are in or have been in a DMP or IVA or Bankrupty
By StephG
Please can you advise. I recently received a PPI payment however the company concerned paid it directly into my completed IVA. Having read various articles they shouldn’t have done this as the IVA was completed back in 2011. Is this correct? If so, who should I contact about getting my money back. The company or my IVA agency?
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By Hayden
Hi StephG

The rules on PPI payment after an IVA is completed changed at the beginning of 2017. In March 2017 there was a court case known as Green v Wright. The court ruled that even though an IVA is completed PPI compensation subsequently claimed may still be paid to the IVA company.

The court also ruled that this is not always the case and is based on the terms and conditions of the specific IVA. That said generally speaking such compensation will always be paid to the old IVA company unless they have first supplied confirmation that they have no further interest on any PPI claims. If your IVA company has taken the money then you can be sure that they would not have supplied such confirmation and the money would never have come to you.

As such my advice is do not claim for PPI after an IVA unless you first get a letter from your old IVA company confirming they have no further interest in any such compensation if awarded.
By StephG
Many thanks, I’ve just phoned the IVA company to ask if they would take any windfalls after the IVA had finished and they said no. With this is mind, I assume I should write to them to ask about the PPI payment?
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By Hayden
You said that the bankyou made the PPI claim against paid the compensation awarded directly to your IVA Company StephG. Given they have now confirmed that they would not be interested in any windfalls after your IVA it stands to reason that they should simply pass the money they have received from the bank back to you. Did you ask them about that?