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By Mikeyboy49
Hi again,

So the big day came and passed on Saturday so now it's over a year since bankruptcy and no contact from OR.

Is it safe to assume that as I haven't heard since April when they sent me a new income & expenditure that they now will not now want any more info from me?

I am still earning under the threshold set at my initial interview and situation has not change so am I now officially discharged?

Many thanks again for all your help guys, the year has flown!

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By Hayden
Great news Mike and congratulations.

If you have heard nothing from the OR then I think you can safely assume that you are discharged and the OR does not want any further info from you. If you want to double check I suggest that you look yourself up on the Insolvency Register. You will still be listed as it takes about 3 months for your name to come off completely but it should tell you the status (ie discharged) :)
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By James Falla
Hi there Mike

Congratulations :) Did you check the Insolvency Register? It is quite normal to hear nothing from the OR on the anniversary of your Bankruptcy. Where this is the case it means that you have been automatically discharged and there is no further information that the OR requires from you.

As Hayden has said it can take up to 3 months for your details to be taken off the Insolvency register. As you know the record of your bankruptcy remains on your credit file for 6 years from the date you were made bankrupt. Despite this however there are some things you can do to help your credit rating improve.

Further information about this is available here: Improving Credit Rating after Bankruptcy
By Mikeyboy49
Thanks James and thanks for all your help,

I have emailed the OR and they replied that unless I hadbeen told differently, which I haven't, I am now free from bankruptcy restrictions so happy days!!

Am I now free to apt for a savings account with my bank or would it be best to wait until I am off the insolvency register?

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By Hayden
Hi Mike

As far as I am aware you should be able to open a savings account with your bank at any time. There is no chance that the account will offer you credit so I do not think a credit check will be necessary and your bank should have no problem opening this type of account for you. Let us know how you get on :)