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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your IVA is finished
By jimmyjimmy01
I cleared my IVA in November 2010, I never received a discharge certificate. I recently tried to get some information removed from my credit file from debts encompassed in the IVA but they said they cannot without a certificate. I have spoken to the company I used but they say they don't have it on record anymore does anyone know what else I can do or try to get one..?
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By Hayden
Hello jimmyjimmy01. Welcome to the forum.

This is a very strange situation. I am very surprised that the IVA company you used say that they do not have your details on record anymore. By law IVA companies have to keep all IVA records for 6 years from the date the IVA was completed.

What is the name of the IVA company you used? Do you have any of your old paperwork for example your original IVA proposal? If so then this would prove you did an IVA and which IP managed it for you. Are you 100% sure that you did an IVA with them? If you did do an IVA which was completed in Nov 10 and they no longer have any records then you will need to lodge a formal complaint.

If you can give a few more details we will be able to advise you further.