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Answers to all your PPI claims questions if you are in or have been in a DMP or IVA or Bankrupty
Hello Tabby27 and welcome :)

If your IVA has finished and you have received your certificate of completion then yes you will be able to keep any PPI compensation you are now offered. Just as an aside, the bank in question cannot even threaten to keep the money to offset the debt that they were not paid because now your IVA is completed they have been required to right off any unpaid debt. As such there is no longer any existing debt and there is nothing to offset against.

To find out more, have a look at this article: Can I claim for PPI mis-selling after my IVA has finished?
Hi Tabby27

You should not have any problem with your claim. Have a look at the link that James posted as it is a really useful article. Did you make the PPI claim yourself? I am interested as most people who have been in IVAs find it difficult to get a claims management company to help them.
Hi all

I just thought I would give an update to this topic. Since the first posts were submitted new information has come to light regarding claiming for PPI after your have completed an IVA.

It now seems that some creditors are successfully arguing that they are still allowed to retain PPI comensation to offset debt which was unpaid in the IVA. In addition in some cases they are also suggesting that they will send compensation directly to the IP (even though the IVA is completed) as the IP may be able to reopen the IVA so that the compensation can be still be treated as an asset of the IVA.

For more information please see this updated article: When my IVA has ended can I make a claim for PPI?

For this reason if you are considering claiming for PPI after your IVA has finished we now recommend that you use a specialist claims company. For more information please contact us at BeatMyDebt.com