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Answers to all your PPI claims questions if you are in or have been in a DMP or IVA or Bankrupty
If you have completed an IVA, either recently or sometime in the past you may now be thinking about the possibility of claiming for mis sold PPI. We explain the options open to you and the likelihood that you will receive compensation.

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Claiming PPI after an IVA

Really interesting debate, I have just literally finished my IVA ( havent seen my certificate yet) and I have an outstanding PPI with Equity in Finance - this has been going on for over a year. EIF have recently asked for my authorisation to continue the PPI claim and because it has taken so long I want to go to another company to get my PPI - can I do this? Can I pursue before my IVA Certificate arrives? Which is the best company? Please advise ;)

Does your IP know about your open claim? If I were you I would cancel it and wait for your certificate of completion before starting a new claim.

Have you paid your current claims company anything so far?

Once you have the certificate of completion you have a much better chance of keeping the money but I would still advice using a specialist claims company because former IVA clients are coming up against some resistance from the banks.

I would recommend this page: https://www.beatmydebt.com/ppi-mis-sell ... nished.htm - fill in the form and we can get you working with the right people.

Hi there Ladyinwait

As Steve has said, if you can I would cancel any PPI claims you have on going at the moment and hold tight until you get your certificate of completion. You should not do any further claims until your certificate arrives otherwise any compensation you do receive will be withheld and paid directly to your IP.
Hi all.
We have completed our IVA and have our certificate and all debts are cleared.

However, in the case of my wife we received a letter from a catalogue company and it seems back in the late 90’s she was paying PPI to the company. Something we all overlooked. She has been awarded £6000 which is great news.

However, in the letter it states that we are in an IVA and all money will be forwarded to Creditfix although the IVA has been completed for over 5 months. Can they do this to us?
Hi Chrisdude

The rules on claiming for PPI after an IVA have changed. A couple of years ago (April 17 I think) there was a court case called Green v Wright. In this the court ruled that PPI compensation awarded even after an IVA is completed must still be paid to the IVA company.

I am aware there are some IVA companies who have said this does not apply to them. They say they do not have an interest in PPI claimed after an IVA as the terms of their IVAs were different to the one in this case. However clearly Credit Fix are using the ruling to insist all PPI is paid to them. This being the case you have no hope of getting this money I am afraid.