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By NickyO
I became ill & suffered severe permanent disability which took away my career. I was struggling to the point where I did not have money to eat & was in a black hole where there seemed to be no way out.

I found Wilmott Turner online who had lots of advice and information. I contacted Wilmott Turner & spoke to James Falla. He took time with me to explain everything & all the options & advised me that help was available. The level of knowledge from James who answered all my questions & fears & the empathy & understanding gave me the confidence to get help and go bankrupt.

I cannot thank James enough for all the professional & expert advice. I feel that there is now light at the end of the tunnel & I will be okay.
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By James Falla
I am so pleased to have been able to help you Nicky. As I mentioned when we first spoke, bankruptcy can seem so daunting. But where it is appropriate (as in your case) with the right advice and assistance it is life changing.