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By patchsteven
good afternoon,well its almost a year since going bankrupt,discharge date is 21 sept 2021 and all has been well
but i do have 1 question, i turn 55 years old in august( 1 month before discharge date) and i have a small dc pension worth about £11,000. so under pension freedom rules i can technically draw this all out as cash from 55, but am i right in thinking that if i leave it alone until after discharge date then draw it out lets say a week after discharge ,then i can keep it all and no claim by OR.
i dont have any special conditions and am not under any Ipo arrangements
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By Geraldine
Hi patchsteven

Good to hear from you. You are quite right. You should leave your pension alone until after you are discharged. But after you are discharge you can withdraw what you want and the OR no longer has any claim on it.

You can read more about your pension and bankruptcy here: Will you lose your pension if you go bankrupt?
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By James Falla
Hi patchsteven

You are both correct. Don't touch your pension until after the date of your discharge. Once this date has passed you can draw from your pension without worrying. The OR can't touch it.