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Read testimonials from Wilmott Turner clients and find out what they thought of the service provided by our debt advisors
By Joshym
Firstly I need to thank James Falla for his persistence and transparency throughout the whole process, to put the whole experience into a few words would not justify the help and advise i've received which started back in 2018 when I first spoke with James.

I've tried other solutions including managing my own financial situation and before acting on James advise I wanted to make sure it was right for me. I'm possibly a stubborn person in some aspects but I wanted to make sure every option was tried and ultimately it came back full circle to James initial advise being the correct option for me.

All I can say is James has many years experience and quite accurately knows the best course of action. He's very polite, helpful, welcoming and honest which sometimes may not be the thing we want to hear but he's an unbiased professional in this field and I'd recommend him every day of the week. I've dealt with charities, private, large and small corporations who've all advised me and definitely helped but no where near the extant James has. He really has helped me get on the right road!