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A good starting point for bankruptcy questions
I suffer from PTSD, and I can no longer work because of it, I get PIP and UC

I live with my separated wife, We live in the same house because neither one of us can afford to move out, it isn't ideal but its better than nothing.

I have no assets and nothing is in my name, I have no access to my old Current Account and I have no access to the old joint account, which now is in my ex wifes name only, I now have a very basic Barclays Current account for my benefits to go into.

All bills and rent were paid from the joint account I had with my wife, including food money etc living expenses.

Part of my mental health condition is that I spend money to try and cheer myself up on all manner of things, last year I had year I had £6000 in two separate installments one was an award for being wrongly dismissed from my previous employment because of my mental health issues, which have gotten worse, this was £3000, I cashed in an old Pension policy to repay my son for monies he lent me over a number of years from his savings, the first three thousand I paid my rent arrears and bills, the second £3000 I paid a deposit for my son on a car he wanted as my way of repaying him.

Im really worried the OR will come down on me because of my mental problems with spending money to cheer myself up, to try and explain my mental state I have had the local mental health crisis team watch me for a period of ten days.

I dont know if Im rambling and Im sorry, im just very very worried....and wonder if Bankruptcy really is the way to go for me because of my stupid spending
Hi Nick and welcome to the forum.

Your mental health issues have clearly contibuted to your financial difficulties. My advice would be to be absolutely honest with the official receiver. They are trained to ensure vulnerable people such as yourself are treated in the right way.

I do not believe they will penalise you in any way due to your condition.

If you have no assets and suffer mentally then I believe bankruptcy is certainly a sensible option for you.

I am sure that your conversation with the OR will go smoothly. Please come back and let us know how you got on after your telephone call and we can give you futher advice and support.
Hi Everyone

The OR receiver was very nice to me, and explained things at my speed but he was very very calm and understanding and helpful.

Anyone shouldn't worry really, but thats easier said than done, but take my word for it the OR receiver is very nice.

Thank you for such a brilliant and very helpful website

Kind Regards to all who read this

Hi Nick

I am very pleased your interview with the OR went well. They are not there to shout at you. They just need to understand your circumstances.

If the reason for your debt is the result of health issues they are usually extremely understanding just as you have experienced.

If you have further questions or queries during the year you are bankrupt please dont hesitate to come back to us.
Hi James

Many many thanks, it was your goodself I spoke to on Thursday reference me having my name taken off the joint account, and you instantly helped me......I really cant thank you enough, I will come back during the course of my bankruptcy and keep everyone posted as to what is happening with me.

Kind regards to all who read this