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What is the correct way to offer a monthly token payment of £1 to a debt company (Robinson Way) who have the debt passed on to them from the bank?

- Phone them, and set up the Standing order of £1 a month, telling them on the phone you are doing that.
- Write to them, and set up the Standing order of £1 a month, telling them in the letter that you are doing that
- Set up the £1 per month, without informing them

if you just set up the token payment on your online banking, (using Robinsons way sort code + account number) for £1 a month, then would this suffice? (be enough?) without any communication to them? If this is done, what is the worse case scenario they can do?

Also if offering the £1 ongoing every month, and they accept it is there a high chance they will STILL keep calling/writing in the regularly in the near future, to chase up the full payment?
Hi flamingate

I believe you MUST first call Robinson Way and discuss your token payment offer with them. You will probably have to back that up with a letter. I do not think they will simply accept £1/mth without first speaking to you and agreeing it.

Note: In order to agree to token payents they will need more information about your current income and expenses. They will want you to produce an income and expenses budget showing that you have no surplus income.

If you do not do this and get no agreement from them they will simply continue taking enforcement action aginst you.

If they agree to the plan then there is a good chance they will stop their harassing phone calls and letters. However you must expect that they may contactc you every 6 months or so to ask for an update and confirm whethe your circumstances have changed and you can pay more.
Hi flamingate

I agree with Hayden. You cannot implement a token payment plan with a creditor without speaking to them.

You need to call Robinson Way and explain your circumstances and why you need to implement such a plan. It is in their power to help you. However they will need proof of your circumstances in the form of an income and expenses budget.