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By Geri1985
Hi all,

I`m a Hungarian citizen. I moved to the UK in 2014 from Hungary. I had around £7000 debt after I lost my job, I decided to move back to Hungary in August last year. I borrowed some money from my parents so I could pay off £2700. I had debt to two creditors Lloyds bank £3600 this is an overdraft and I owe NewDay £700 this is a credit card debt. I can`t login to both of my account since a week now. I checked it and I can see these accounts have been marked as in default.

My parents gave me all that they can. Will they chase these debt if I left the UK permanently? How long will it to these creditors take my debt to court? I have got a tax return £990. I want to offer to clear the bigger debt. Will they accept it as an F&F after I paid all my debt full so far? I try to negotiate with them via e-mail but they want to know my current address. I`m a bit afraid to give them my Hungarian one. Maybe if they don`t know my current address they won`t chase me, but if I give them they will chase me. Should I be honest with them and tell them I no longer live in the UK? Thanks for any help and advice.
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By Geraldine
Hi Geri1985 and welcome :)

To be honest if you ignor this debt I do not think they will chase you in Hungary. Yes they may "take you to court" in the UK. However in reality all this means is they apply for a county court judgment (CCJ) against you. This would simply confirm thet you owe the debt which you know anyway.

As such one option you have is just to sever contact with them. You will probably not hear from them again. You could come and visit the UK of you want. You are not going to identified at the airport or anything.

The only time the debts would re-surface is if you return to the UK to live. However if this is more than 6 years from the last time you paid them it is likely they would be statute barred and unenforceable.

If you want to try and repay the debts then I suggest you consider a debt management plan. However because you live abroad you would need to use a commercial debt management company to help you. They would need you to be able to pay a minimum of £100/mth towards your debts.