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Hey everyone,

Hope someone can help me out, I got a car at the end of 2017 on purchase hire, there was an issue with it but was not allowed to return it, since then I have been trying to rectify the issue either through the finance company and the financial ombudsman I feel I have supplied more than enough evidence to show the car was faulty at the point of sale however they have ruled against me.

in the meantime the arears on the car have crept up while dealing with it, and with the final decision from the ombudsman ruling in favour of the finance company I have no other option but to return the car to them and they will be looking for me to settle the outstanding debt.

I know the car was faulty to begin with and anyone I've shown all the evidence to agree that its concrete and that I shouldn't pay them.

So this is where im out of my depths, I imagine they will take me to court ?

What do I do now if this is what they decide to do, I've never been to court or had any financial issues, never had to contact a lawyer.. so have no idea what to do.

thanks for any advice on how to be ready for the court case if it comes.
Hi fendertele and welcome

Unfortunately I am not sure how much advice we will be able to offer you. This forum focuses on what to do about debt that you agree you owe. We cannot give advice about fighting a debt you do not believe you should be liable for.

If you want to fight this and have any chance of winning I think you are going to have to hire a solicitor to represent you (particularly if FOS has already ruled against you).

Depending on your personal circumstances it might not be worth your while fighting and instead finding the best way to manage this debt. If you are not a home owner and have no assets (and so have nothing to lose) it might be worth thinking about going bankrupt. Doing this would mean the debt is written off and you can move on.

I know this is not really what you want to hear but it is an option.....