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Answers to all your PPI claims questions if you are in or have been in a DMP or IVA or Bankrupty
PPI companies offer to claim for you. They search your finance products (Credit cards, loans,etc) for PPI.... If you did they send you forms to sign, for approval for them to go ahead and claim on your behalf.

Is it worth using them just to do the first part i.e just find out if you have claims in your past financial products? Would they be more likely to be able to find out if you have a PPI claim as they are used to the procedure, and know how to get information out of them?

If the claim company find you have claims can you then make the claims yourself?
Hi flamingate

I can understand where you are coming from with this. At the end of the day if you make claims yourself you do not have to pay a fee to anyone.

However I am not sure if any PPI company will provide the service you are looking for (i.e. just establish if you have claims or not). At the end of the day the way they make money is actually making the claims on your behalf and charging their fee if they are successful.

That said there is nothing to stop you trying. My suggestion would be to have a frank conversation with any claims company you speak to. Ask them to confirm if they do the PPI searches for you are you then obligated to use their service or could you decide to take it from there and make the claims yourself?

If the company confirms you have no obligation to use their service then you have nothing to lose.