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Hello there :)

I have a sole trader business as a mental health support worker supporting only 2 clients. It makes me approx £600 per month therefore NO profit. My clients are very vulnerable and I am thus extremely concerned about the possibility of the OR closing down the business.

I hit the submit petition button last Friday ( 8/3/'19) and as of yet haven't heard anything.

Due to the size of my business it has been run just using my every day Barclays Basic account.

My query therefore is A. will my bank account close and B. will the OR automatically close my business upon receipt of my petition?

Many thanks Sha :?
Hi Sha and welcome to the forum :)

You do not need to worry. If you have a basic account with Barclays this should remain open.

Given you are a sole trader and therefore self employed you can continue running your business while you are bankrupt. It will not be closed. You will simply need to give the official receiver info about it when they speak to you.

There is more info about running a sole trader business while you are bankrupt here: Can I go bankrupt if self employed

If you have further questions don't hesitate to ask :)