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A good starting point for bankruptcy questions
By Shippy819
Hi... I will probably have to go bankrupt due to a redundancy and one of my debts is a £34 a month finance payment through Hitachi finance for my partner's engagement / wedding rings.

If I go bankrupt - will these rings have to be recovered?

She wont be best pleased...
Hi Shippy819 and welcome to the forum :)

Your Hitachi finance debt will certainly have to be included in your bankruptcy as it is unsecured. However they cannot ask you to return the rings.

There would only ever be at risk if the rings were extremely valuable. If so there would be a minor chance that the Official Receiver could demand they were handed over for sale. However given their individual second hand value is £500 or less each there will be no problem with you keeping them.

If you have further questions about the bankruptcy process don't hesitate to ask :)