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By sid
Can OF stop me from moving? Live in what is called a charitable trust flat (more a bed sit in truth). Its not a definate but have a chance to move to another charitable abode (definitely a flat this time) . My costs will go up but not stupidily. Anyone know if I'llbe allowed to move?
By Melissa S
Hi Sid

I do not think your OR can stop you from moving in this situation. I would recommend talking to them first though just to warn them. Due to your change of circumstances your living expenses etc will be reviewed and any added expense will be taken into account. Therefore as you are paying towards your debts still this may reduce.

Your situation is one of improving your living accommodation through a charitable system so I really do not thing you would be unable to do this just because the costs go up. In general you are allowed to move when you are bankrupt even if you are paying towards your debts still.

I am sure someone else on here will be able to clarify this a little more for you though.
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By James Falla
Hi there Sid

You will need to be a little bit careful about this especially as your costs will go up and your ability to pay your income payment agreement will therefore go down. At the end of the day the OR will not have an issue with this if you need to move. This might be because your current accommodation is not really suitable or you are being forced to move by your landlord. However if the OR can be a bit funny if you have no good reason to move.

If your current accommodation is really too small (I would say that a bed sit is really not a long term solution) then I would have thought that the OR would be OK with it. However you must have a chat to them about it first to gauge their reaction. Make sure you emphasise to them that you need to move as your current accommodation is really too small and unsuitable and the new option may never come up again so you have to take it now.

Please let us know how you get on and if we can be of any further assistance with this.
By sid
Hi James. If I can keep up my payments by taking on more work as I'm self employed I can always look for more work.

Could they really actually refuse me permission to move to a much nicer abode? What would happen if Ijust moved anyway? Seems really draconian as the flat I'm looking at if offered may never be offered again and iI'llbe stuck in a grotty bed sit come flat.
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By Hayden
Hi there Sid

I think what James is getting at is that the OR is basically concerned about anything that could affect the amount you are paying them each month. Of course if a change which results in you having to reduce your IPA payments is unavoidable then the OR has no choice but to accept it. However if it seems to the OR that the change is simply to improve your standard of living they could question this. Their argument could be that you must wait to make such changes until your IPA has finished and that is what bankruptcy is all about.....

Ultimately the only way you will find out how your OR is going to react is to have a chat to them about it before you make the decision. If you lay it on thick about the fact that your current accommodation is really not suitable and the option to move to such a reasonably priced place may not come up again AND you should be able to do more work to make up the difference then I would have thought the OR would be OK with it.

However I would definitely advise against you just moving anyway without sounding your OR out first. If you did this and then the OR dug their heals in about you maintaining your agreed payments it could leave you in a spot if you cannot find more work.......