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By Casey
Hi there,

It is me again. I am very glad that I have received a letter from the College I am doing my course that they have granted me some financial aid because I am on JSA. I will get £138 towards the kit which is £278 normally and £80 per term help with travel. I do not have any of the money so a friend has given me £100 towards the kit as well as the college only pays 50%.

My question is, do I have to inform the OR that I am getting this help from the college? It will not give me an increased income by all means, I am stil on JSA and the travel is not paid 100% to go to the college, I still have to pay something but very litte. The aid will be paid into my bank account. I would like to keep the contact with the OR to a minimum just follow the rules of the BRptcy and keep a low profile. however, I do not want to get into any problems in case I should be questioned later. It says on the letter I got, I have to inform the OR if my income changes, well, it hasn't but was just wondering whether I have to let them know about the college aid and if so is it ok via email?

Many thanks for your advice in advance.

Best wishes,

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By Hayden
Hi there Casey

Great news on this help that you have been given by the college. You do not have to worry about this. The OR will not take financial aid from you. However the best thing to do is just let them know that you are getting it. After all it is a slight change in your financial situation and by getting in contact it shows good faith from your side. But as I said you need not worry about it. The OR will not try to take any of the money from you :)
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By Geraldine
Hello Casey

I agree 100% with Hayden. The OR is simply not going to take any of this financial aid money away from you. If you did not need all of it to help with your studying then you would not have received it. As such there is nothing whatsoever to worry about.

I understand why you want to keep your contact with the OR to a minimum but in fact I feel that is the wrong attitude. Generally speaking ORs are more than reasonable people and they will be happy to hear from you just to understand that you are keeping them up to date with everything. Mentioning to your OR that you are receiving this money will simply show good faith on your part. I think it is a good idea to mention it to them :)
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By James Falla
Hi Casey

Hayden and Geraldine are quite right. This money is not at risk however you should tell the OR about it as these are the rules. The OR will appreciate your honesty I am sure but will not be interested in the cash itself.
By Casey
Dear All,

Thank you very much for your invaluable advice.

I have emailed the OR last week and got an email back thanking me for letting them know and they would be in touch should they wish to have a copy of the awards letter. I have not heard anything yet. So far, so good. :)
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By Steve Jackson
You have definitely done the right thing there Casey. I will be very surprised if you hear anything more about this from the OR.