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A good starting point for Debt relief Order Questions
By fishcake59
My partner and I have recently been granted a Debt Relief Order my question is are you free to spend your wages each month after normal household bills and does the Official receiver have access to your Bank Accounts and can they request proof of your income at any time we dont have a problem with this but just wondered
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By Hayden
Hi fishcake59

If you have been granted DROs then yes, you are free to spend your income as you please. The OR does not have automatic access to your bank accounts. However they are within their rights to ask you to provide them with copies of your bank statements at any time if they like (although this is highly unlikely to happen). At the end of the day this should be nothing to worry about anyway if it happens as your income and therefore living expenses budget has been agreed as reasonable.

You just need to remember that you must inform the OR if your income goes up or you get a windfall before your DRO ends.
By fishcake59
Thankyou very much for your reply We were just a bit worried as we are getting married next year and so are purchasing some quite expensive items and we were worrried that this may be questioned You have put my mind at rest thankyou
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By James Falla
Hi there fishcake59

Congratulations on your comming wedding :)

Given that you have been granted a DRO I assume that you are on fairly limited income? As Hayden has said, once the DRO and your living expenditure budget has been agreed, then it is up to you how you spend your money and it is unlikely that the OR will check (although they could).

Having said that if your income changes at any time you must let the OR know and this may result in your DRO failing and you going back to square one still owing all of your debt.

You mention that you are planning to buy some expensive items. How will you afford to do this if you are both in a DRO?
By fishcake59
well we have been so used to having nothing at all that we refer to even the smallest of things expensive! I think we are in a mind set were you feel guilty at even affording basic things (including food) The majority of our wedding is being paid for by our families and we are forever grateful to them
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By Hayden
At the end of the day fishcake59, you are allowed to spend the money agreed in your living expenses budget however you wish. What you spend your budget on is up to you and the OR is really not interested. As such if you decided to, you could spend your entire monthly budget on ice cream. Now while agruably this would be a bit silly, the Official Receiver would not question you (other than perhaps to point out that it would have been better to pay your rent) :)

My point is that you must now decide how best to spend the budget you have agreed. No-one will tell you that you cannot do that. As such if you need to use some of it to buy things for the wedding there is no issue with that as long as you can maintain your priority debts such as your rent and utility bills etc.
By fishcake59
No worries there we will never miss any priority debts although, all the money on ice cream? mmmmm....... does sound appealing lol!
By Carla
Good luck with your DRO fishcake59 and congratulations on your coming wedding :)