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Answers to all your PPI claims questions if you are in or have been in a DMP or IVA or Bankrupty
By tobytike
Hi please can you help.

I completed my IVA in September 2012 and I have received my certificate.

Recently I have been awarded a PPI refund from RBS for £3k; I have been advised today that they have paid the original PPI costs into my account with them (which should have been closed and the balance written off) and sent cheques for the interest out to myself.

After explaining that the IVA was complete they have asked for a copy of the completion certificate and then they will look at it.

Once they receive this and update the account should they release the funds to me?

You might find they will attempt to offset the loss they made in the IVA against your compensation payment, this is happening a lot to former IVA clients.

We offer a service to help these client make the correct legal argument with the banks and keep their compensation. Check this page: Claiming PPI after IVA

If you fill in the form I can get one of our claims managers to give you a call.