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Answers to all your PPI claims questions if you are in or have been in a DMP or IVA or Bankrupty
By Ask_Nigel
I thought I could share my story on here in the hope it will help anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation in the future.

My name is Nigel Powell I have set up a website to give other people the help and guidance that I found very hard to come by.

I have had personal experience in this matter, I was on the receiving end of a statutory demand dated December 22nd (great timing) sent by a collection company who bought an alleged debt from Barclaycard.

Like you I searched on the internet looking for companies to help me, but most of the sites were about sending stat demands and not defending them.

When I did manage to find an appropriate web site and gave them a call I was put through to a call centre and spoke to someone who had no knowledge on this subject and was only interested in my name some brief details and a contact number, asked me to fax over a copy of the stat demand then informed me that they would pass my details to a solicitor to contact me which never happened. There are other companies that have web sites that sound like they are experts on defending stat demands but all they are interested in is putting you into an IVA or a Debt Management Plan.

Disillusioned and with time running out I decided to find my own legal help and set about contacting numerous firms of solicitors and took the time to meet up with people that I felt could help me. Once I was satisfied I had sourced the right law firm with the right attitude I instructed them to defend my stat demand on a No Win No Fee.

We put in a 6.4 Application to set aside Statutory Demand.

A court date was given 19th March and my legal firm appointed a Barrister to represent me.

Although I was not required to appear I wanted to see for myself how it all works.

The other side’s solicitor had not prepared for the hearing although they had 10 weeks’ notice, they asked for an adjournment of 21 days which was granted but they were ordered to pay all legal fees for the day including the barrister’s costs.

So I had to suffer another 21 days of waiting and wondering what evidence are they waiting for etc.

Come the deadline the other side failed to submit the required documents so my legal firm informed the court of this and notified our barrister.

The court date arrived and again I turned up along with a barrister fully prepared to do battle, but the other side’s solicitor failed to even turn up despite the court allowing them an extra 45 minutes. The judge ruled in my favour and the statutory demand was set aside and the court awarded cost to us to cover the barrister’s fee and the solicitor’s costs.

We had won mainly due to the experience of my law firm and lack of commitment from the other side . This is very common in this type of litigation its mainly intimidation tactic’s with no teeth. I think the debt collectors didn’t expect me to fight back.

I called their bluff and won!

I have helped many people from all over the country and they have had positive outcomes.

If you find yourself issued with a statutory demand, do not panic, I can relate to your circumstances and will help.

If you would like to talk to me you can email or PM me above.

I hope this helps.