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Answers to all your PPI claims questions if you are in or have been in a DMP or IVA or Bankrupty
I was bankrupt in 2009 and discharged in 2010. Recently I was appoached by a claims management company who said that I was eligable to make PPI claims and that even though I had been bankrupt in the past, they could get money for me? Is this a scam? I have been researching on the internet and the advice seems to be that if you have been bankrupt then you cannot claim for PPI.
Hi there windingroad and welcome to the forum.

As far as I am aware, if the loan you want to claim for PPI miss-selling against was included in your bankruptcy, then you will not benefit personally from making a PPI claim. Any money you received should be paid to the OR. For more information have a look at this recent article on claiming for PPI after bankruptcy.

Given this I think the company you have been contacted by is a scam. Have they asked for any money up front by any chance?
Hello windingroad

There is nothing to stop you making a claim for PPI now you are discharged. However Hayden is right, you will not be eligable to keep any money you are awarded. If you make a claim against any of the banks that were included in your bankruptcy, they will simply offset any award against the debt they are owed or pay it direct to your official receiver.

The only possibility of keeping any money is if you first agree with your OR that if you make a successful claim, they will allow you to keep some of them money. The rational for this is that you don't have to claim but if you do both you and your bankruptcy estate could benefit thus giving you an incentive to do the claim work.

In additon if you make a claim against a bank which was not involved in your bankruptcy, (perhaps from a loan which was paid off before you went through the process), any money awarded to you will probably be paid directly to you as the bank in question will not necessarily know you were bankrupt.
Thats really interesting James. I thought that if you had been bankrupt in the past then there would be no hope of getting any money through a PPI claim. However doing a deal with the OR to allow you keep something in return for going through the hassle of making the claims does make sence. Do you think ORs do actually go for this?
Hi Hayden,

I have just been speaking to someone who was discharged 18 months ago and they have agreed with their OR that if they make PPI claims and money is paid over, then they can keep 40% of the money (the OR gets the rest). They have decided to go for it. I have to say that I do not think I will be bothering. I am happy that the whole bankruptcy situation is behind me. Really its a chapter of my life I just want to forget.....
Hi Skint trev

As far as I am aware there is nothing to stop your wife claiming for PPI. If she was not involved in the bankruptcy then she can make the claim and expect to keep her share of any compensation due. Given the mortgage was in joint names she will be eligable for 50%. She sould receive this. Your 50% will go to the Official Receiver.

There should be no reason why you and she cannot make this claim yourselves. She should automatically get her share. However if you want help then I suggest speaking to James at Beat My Debt. He will be able to help I am sure. Good luck with it :)