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By patchsteven
Just like to say a big thanks to James and I would highly recommend anyone having financial problems to speak with james first.
In my case Mr Falla gave me lots of advice when I was considering bankruptcy and although in the end I didn't opt to use his bankruptcy assistance service , his advice certainly steered me in the right direction and I was able to do the bankruptcy myself .
The result was the fact that on Monday 21/09/2020 my application was approved and I was made bankrupt and on Friday 25/09/2020 I had my telephone interview with the OR.
He was a very pleasant person and took me through all my income,expenditure and debt situation and the result was I don't need to pay into an IPA as there is insufficient income against expenditure and my tax code which will change to Nil until the next finance year , he is allowing me to keep the extra income generated by not paying tax in my wages because of the fact I have more living cost outgoings than incomings .
I feel so more relaxed now my debt has been sorted out and I can finally start living again with a fresh start in 12 months time ,Roll on discharge date sept 2021
I am more than happy to have been able to help you patchsteven

Great news that it has gone well and the official receiver is allowing you to keep the extra funds you receive as a result of the tax code change. This is only until April next year (when your tax code will go back to normal). But every little helps as they say.....

Please keep us up to date with how you get on during the year.