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I feel I need to post a review on here. I first came across James back in October / November last year. I had logged on and I started chatting to someone online. I thought it was a scam, then James rang me as promised during out of office hours.

James asked all about my financial situation. He treated me like a human and completely understood what I was explaining to him. He went through all the available option available to me. He talked through each one as a pro and any questions I had, he was able to answer them to me in Lay man terms. I gave it a few days to think it over, and after many emails to and from my self to James, I decided to ring him with what I was planning to do. He took time out in his evening to ring me to go through what is needed and what will be expected.

I had gone quiet for a few months, I had other things going on in my life. I had paid my fee to James at the beginning. I was surprised to see how much he cared for me to get this all done as soon as. I have dealt with people in the past and the minute they have your money, they don't care. Thus cant be further from the truth here.

When I was having doubt about going through things, the reassurance was always at the end of the phone with him.

Last Wednesday I went to court to say I want to go bankrupt. James knew how nervous I was, but he calmed me down and talked me through everything. When the official receiver rang me on Friday to go through the forms. She said that the form that James and I had filled in ( James did the filling in and I gave him the answers) was the best and professional that she had seen in a long time. She was on the phone with me for a max of 15 mins.

This is no scam, I can promise you. I know the fees is a lot to fork out, but I promise you that it is the best money you will part with and bring to a new brighter future.

A big thank you James. You have saved my life.
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By Hayden
Hi Anthony

Really pleased that your Bankruptcy application has gone smoothly. Please let us know how you are getting on throughout the year. And if you have any questions please do not hestitate to ask. We are always here to help :)