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By Decisions-decisions

Thank you to James Falla for all his help in completing my documents and answering my many questions. After seeing the judge for just a few seconds she stamped my order and it was done. I've had a 20 min call from the receiver and been told they don't want to do a telephone interview but if when he reads my documents he changes his mind he will send me a letter. But I'm confident i won't need to do one.

Best advice is pay the fee for the forms the day is nerve racking enough without panicking about forms. Also the person before me who saw the judge was in there a while and a lot of questions were asked. I was asked one question about the weather, then she stamped my form and said "there it's done, easy wasn't it".

I am hoping to have the best nights sleep I've had in 11 years tonight!!

Thank you, James :)
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By Steve Jackson
Very pleased to hear that everything has gone smoothly with your bankruptcy Decisions-Decisions. And I do hope you got your good night's sleep :)