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By matt2tees
Hi all just wanted to say a very big thank you to James Falla and the other peeps on this site for their help and advice with regards to my bankruptcy.

I first got some FREE (Yes FREE !) advice from James about my situation on the telephone and mulled things over for a few days.
I then got James on board and am so very happy that I did :D :D .

The consultancy/helpfulness and putting up with pain in the arse, stupid questions that I seemed to find at stupid o'clock were brilliant :D thanks James !

I downloaded the forms and filled them in, then emailed them to James where he went through them with a fine tooth comb and pointed some errors and some areas that needed tweaking to give me the best chance of sucess. These forms went back and forth a few times especially after my daughter came to live with me and the changes in CSA payments and also child benefit that I was/am now entitled to, and every time I spoke to James he was very helpful, friendly and most of all reasuring :D .
I took the forms to court and actually had to see a judge who asked me if I'd had advice and I was proud to yes from beatmydebt, he then asked if it'd been explained how serious bankruptcy is and I replied yes Sir, but it's my only way of moving on ! He replied in a very "kind" voice saying that it probably wouldn't surprise me to know that there's an awful lot of other people feeling the same at the moment! " He then signed the order and wished me good luck in the future.
I had the interview with the O/R a few days later who was also nice and understanding and asked me for a few docs i.e divorce consent order ( as I'd had to sign over my interest in my former home to my ex wife) but otherwise seemed happy with everything and said that they would write to my creditors and that I'd be discharged automatically after 1 year although that may be less and they'd write to me if so.

So once again Thanks to BeatMyDebt for your help.

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By Hayden
Hi Matt

Great news that everything has gone smoothly with your bankrupty. Fingers crossed that you are discharged in less than one year. For a while I think Official Receivers were told by the Insolvency Servce to be fairly strict with the 1 year period but I have heard a few people recently saying that they have been discharged in less than 12 months so I hope this will happen for you also.

I am really happy that we were able to help and please do pop back every now and then to let us know how things are going.
Hello there Matt

That is really good news. I am so pleased that you were able to get help from James and everything has gone smoothly. Please do let us know how you get on. I hope that you are discharged in less than 12 months as the OR has indicated :)