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A good starting point for Debt relief Order Questions
the CAB are putting me a debt relief order through,what are the chances of it being accepted? i recently moved back home with my parents because of a relationship breakdown. i owe creditors £12000 i work full time and give my parents money towards my living expenses, will it go through without any problems?
Hi there DB82 and welcome to the forum :)

The criteria to be accepted for a DRO are strict but very clear. Your debts must be less than £15000 so that is certainly OK. You must not be a home owner so again that is OK. Your car if you have one must be valued at less than £1000 and most importantly your disposable income after all your reasonable living expenses have been taken into account must be less than £50. If you can say yes to these final two categories than I am sure your DRO will be accepted with no problem.
You will have nothing to worry about as long as you are paying your parents a reasonable amount DB82. If you are living with parents it is reasonable to pay them for board and lodging. Normally the test is how much would you have to pay if you left your parents and took lodgings somewhere else. If the amount you have used is less or roughly the same as this there should be no issue.