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A good starting point for Debt relief Order Questions
By Amy2701
Hi I'm just about to apply for a debt relief order but have one question.

My ex partner (my daughters dad) lives in the House I rent as I can't afford all the rent on my own and e can't afford to move out. He pays half the rent the gas bill and anything my daughter needs.
I was claiming tax credits as a single claim but that got stopped and was told I had to apply jointly with my ex as I can't prove we aren't together as we live in the same house.

My question is on the dro application form it says I need to send in a copy of my tax credits rewards notice. But obviously it has my ex partners name on it too. How will this affect my application. Like I said above e only pays half the rent all the gas and anything for my daughter but that's it. I'm worried they will want to take all of his income in to consideration which would stop me from getting a dro even though we aren't together and his income has nothing to do with me.

Should I put an attached note with the form explaining I had to apply for a joint claim with tax credits as they said I couldn't prove he is my ex as we live in the same house. Know it's stupid but I can't sleep I'm that worried its gonna stop me applying and getting this much needed dro
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By Geraldine
Hi there Amy2701 and welcome :)

As far as I am aware the fact that your ex is named on your tax credit form should not make any difference at all. Although you are living in the same house it is perfectly acceptable for you to have seperate finances. As long as you explain this I am sure there will be no issue. I think it would be a good idea to attach a note as you said.

Who is helping you with your DRO application? What did they say about this?
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By James Falla
Hello Amy2701

Even though the tax credits are in joint names this should not affect your DRO application. However the fact that he pays half the rent and the gas bill and a contribution towards your daughter should be reflected in your living expenses. ie You should only show that you are paying half the rent given this is the case. As long as after this your disposable income is not more that £50 there should be no issue. Attaching a note explaining the situation is a good idea. The more information you can give with your application the better.
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By Hayden
Hi Amy

As James has said I am sure you have nothing to worry about. Ultimately as long as your personal disposable income is not more than £50 then whether or not some of your income is in joint names will not affect the application at all.
By Carla
I do not really have much more to add but best of luck with your DRO Amy. I am sure everything will be fine. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have more questions.