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A good starting point for Debt relief Order Questions
By tiggywoo
Can anyone please tell me how a DRO works with regards to having a mobility car rather than owning my own car as a mobility car is worth more than the £1000.00 allowed.
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By Hayden
Hello tiggywoo and welcome to the forum :)

There should be no problem with you starting a DRO if you have a mobility car. Although this asset is worth more than £1000 I assume that you do not own the car and as such it does not count as being your asset.
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By Geraldine
Hi tiggywoo. I agree with Hayden using a Mobility car should not prevent you from carrying out a Debt Relief Order. Have you discussed your application with either the CAB or the CCCS? What did they say about the car?
By Carla
Good luck with your DRO Tiggywoo. I am sure your mobility car will not cause you a problem with your application.
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By James Falla
Hello tiggywoo

As the other posters have quite rightly said, your mobility car will not prevent you from starting a Debt Relief Order. The mobility car is not owned by you and the payments you make to keep it are paid to you as a specific benefit and so do not form part of your income as far as
calculating disposable income is concerned.

Best of luck with your DRO and please do not hesitate to come back to us if you have any further questions.