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A good starting point for Debt relief Order Questions
Hi I am currently in the moratorium period of a debt relief order, but am getting a lot of harrassment from my creditors still and they are now passing me onto collections agencys. Is there a template letter I can send to them or anyone to report them to? The terms and conditions of my DRO state they cannot harrass me for payment once the order has been granted which it was months ago. Thanks.
Hello Lolly23 and welcome

If you are a in Debt Relief Order then your creditors should not still be contacting you. In fact legally speaking you are not allowed to pay them any money directly. My advise is you first contact the Official Receiver dealing with your case and ask them to contact the creditors for you (they should have done this but another letter from them would not hurt).

You should also write your own strongly worded letter confirming your DRO reference and the fact that you will report and further contact to the office of fair as harassment. For more informatio about how to do this see the BeatMyDebt guide to dealing with creditor harassment.
Hi Lolly23

I would get onto your Offical Receiver as your creditors should not be harassing you like this. However you may find that the OR is not that helpful. The problem is that they are short staffed and there is simply no money your Debt Relief Order to pay them for extra work. As such writing a strong letter of complaint to your creditors yourself as Steve has suggested will probably be the best solution.
Hi Lolly23

This is a real pain but as Steve and Hayden have said the best thing is to write to all of your creditors confirming your DRO and telling them not to continue harassing you. If I were you i would send the letters recorded delivery so you can be sure they have been received. I would be pretty sure that after that you will not hear from them again.