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A good starting point for Debt relief Order Questions
By CatE
My DRO finished after a year on the 19th Nov 2013. I have checked my Noddle report and the DRO says discharged. But the debtors appertaining to this DRO are still showing on my credit report. I thought this was supposed to wipe it clean. How can I get them wiped off? shouldn't the insolvency agency see that this is done automatically?
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By Geraldine
Hello CatE and welcome. What you need to remember is that both the record of your discharged DRO and the fact that you did have unpaid accounts with your various creditors will remain on your credit file for 6 years from the date your DRO started. You should not expect them to come off for another 5 years and this means that your credit rating will remain poor for this period I am afraid. Was this not explained to you before you started the DRO?
By Carla
Hi there CatE

Many congratulations on completing your DRO. As Geraldine has said your credit rating will normally remain poor for 6 years from the date you started your DRO so the fact that the record of your creditors is still on your credit file is to be expected......
By Levett
Hi CatE

I'm in the same position as you. My DRO was completed a year ago and is showing on my Noddle report as such.

All my debts have come off the report except Barclaycard who are still showing me as defaulting every month.

I understand that my credit report is knackered for 6 years (a small price to pay) but shouldn't the debt be cleared with no monthly payment infomation showing? Otherwise I'll get to the end of 6 years and will have recent defaults on there that will take another 6 years to come off my credit report?

Do I need to contact Barclaycard to request that the monthly defaults be stopped as there is no debt that I can be defaulting on?

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By Hayden
Hi there Neil. Good to hear from you. Glad you are through your DRO now. How was it?

You are right that Barclaycard should not still be showing you as defaulting on your credit file. It should say that the account is now partially satisfied and no further miss or late payments should be recorded. You should contact Barclaycard and ask them to change this status. They have to do so under the Data Protection Act.

If you are not sure what to do have a look at the link below. This is advice on how to improve your credit rating after Bankruptcy. However it works the same for a DRO :)

Improve credit rating after Bankruptcy