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By Owen Carr
I finished my trust deed agreement in September 2009. I have a letter confirming that 36 payments were made and that my property is mine having borrowed from a family member and paid £5K to my Trustee in lieu of the equity.

I contacted my IP 3 times before getting a letter to confirm that I had satisfied the 36 payments but am still not discharged. I tried to change my basic key bank account to a current account to be able to have a debit card (not looking for credit - been there done that!) but was declined on the basis of a bankruptcy history but may be reconsidered if I can provide a discharge.

Doest the IP have any time frame rules or guidelines to provide a discharge?
Hello Owen

I find it strange that your IP has not formalised your discharge as normally this is done quite quickly. The discharge can take up to 3 months from the date of completion. I suggest that you speak to your Trustee again and find out the reason for the delay. I would not think it is anything to worry about. Just a not particularly efficient Trustees office.
An interesting note on this subject...

The rules about discharge from a trust deed changed on 1st April 2008.

Trust deeds in Scotland signed before this date were subject to a number of processes that could mean discharge took longer than people expected.

Trust deeds signed after this date should be closed and the client discharged much sooner; a few weeks only would be a good guide.