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By Hayden
Hi Jet

I hope Steven can help you. It would be best to try and get everything resolved with your current DAS company. As Geraldine said, if you are still having problems then it is possible to change your DAS company but your current DAS needs to be revoked first. To acheive this you need to stop your payments. It normally takes 3 months but if you tell the company you will no longer be making the payments they may be able to revoke it sooner.
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By James Falla
Hello Jet

Please try to contact Steven in the first instance as it will be much the best thing if he can help resolve the problems you are having. The last resort is allow your DAS to fail and chose another provider however that option is ultimately open to you.

One word of warning regarding failing your IVA... I understand certain DAS providers have written into their contracts that if a DAS were to fail, the individual would still be liable for the fees they would have paid to the company during the DAS. This therefore becomes a new debt and could mean that the company could petition for the individual's bankruptcy. I hope that Wilson Andrews is not one of these however you would be wise to double check your contract so you know where you stand before allowing your DAS to fail if you do decide to go down that route.
By Carla
Hi Jet, I have been reading about your situation with interest. Have you been able to make any progress yet?
By jet

Sorry folks, I have been caught up with work and moving.

To update...

I have been in touch with WA who informed me the reason for the delay is due to one of my creditors. Apparently the settlement figure hasn't come in from them as they didn't have me on record as a part of a DAS...which is odd as my previous 'Relationship Manager' informed me they rejected to settle my DAS way back in June...

WA informed me at the start of last week I would have a figure by the end of the week. Called on Friday afternoon...and yesterday...still waiting for that call back.

I now feel slightly more settled but do feel a general problem with communication (between parts of the company and the company and customer) exists.

I'm hoping to get through to someone today to find out a figure...

I'll keep you all posted.

Thanks for all the advice!

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By Geraldine
That sounds a little more positive Jet. Hope you get the settlement info through quickly now...
By jet

It still isn't sorted!!!!

Last week, one advisor gave me a figure of
13500. This advisor told me to wait... WilsonAndrews
wanted to lower the sun. She also told me they woe subtract this
Monty's payment from that sum.

Today, a different advisor is telling it will be 14500.

This is such a stressful and never ending situation.

Any advice?

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By James Falla
This is extremely frustrating Jet. May I ask did you speak to Steven Hewitt from Wilson Andrews who posted on this forum a couple of weeks ago? Perhaps escalating to him might help. I think you need to ask him why one advisor is telling you one thing and one another.....?

My guess is ultimately you would be happy to settle at £13500 as this is below your origional target. However before doing anything or handing any funds over you need to make sure that you get this in writing from Wilson Andrews.

Please let us know what Steven says.
By Steven
Hi Jet

I am sorry if you still feel there is confusion over what is happening.

I have spoken to the team and asked that they give you a call.

I am sure we can clear up any concerns you still have.

Thank you

Steve Hewitt – a member of the team at Wilson Andrews
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By Hayden
Hi there Jet

How annoying all this seems to be. Have you had any further update from Wilson Andrews since Steven Hewitt's last post?
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By Steve Jackson
This is clearly not satisfactory Jet. Have you been able to make any further progress?