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This is the place to ask questions about DAS
By Tabby85
Hello everyone. Can you help? I have been advised that it would be better for me to do a Debt Arrangement Scheme than a debt management plan as the DAS means that my creditors cannot add more interest or take action against my property. This sounds good but is the DAS private? As it is a more formal process can nayone like my employer find out that I am in a DAS?
Hi there Tabby85 and welcome to the forum.

The Debt Arrangement Scheme is often a better option than a debt management plan if you are living in Scotland for the reasons you have outlined. The DAS is particularly useful if you are homeowner as it prevents your creditors for applying for charging orders against your property.

However because a DAS is a formal agreement, there is a formal DAS register. If you start a DAS your name and home address will be recorded in the register which is publically accessable via the internet. As such anyone who searches on your name can find out that you are in a DAS. However they would only do so if they actively searched the register.
Hello Tabby85

Hayden is quite right. There is a formal register of Debt Arrangement Schemes which is publically accessible via the internet. Having said that it is extremely unlikely that your employer will monitor the register. As such, I think it would be highly unlikely that your employer or anyone else will find out that you are in a DAS. Having said that it is possible so if you feel there is a specific reason why you employer would not be happy if they found out you were insolvent then the DAS may have to be avoided and you may have to use the Debt Management Plan option which is private.