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This is the place to ask questions about Trust Deeds
Hi there everyone.

I was discharged from my Trust Deed last March. I have recently been reading about PPI compensation and know that I paid for PPI on some of the debts that were included in my Trust Deed. Can I make a claim for PPI even though I went through a Trust Deed? Look forward hearing any views.
Hi there SallyP and welcome to the forum. The answer is yes, you can claim for PPI mis-selling after having finished a Trust Deed. However the banks you claim against may try and argue that they should not pay you any compensation you are due as they can either use it to offset against the debt they were not paid back because of the Trust Deed or that the money should be paid to your old Trustee as an unrealised asset of the Trust Deed. It may be possible to overcome both these arguements but normally I would advise using a specialist claims firm to help you if you are claiming after a Trust Deed.

For more information about claiming for PPI after a Trust Deed have a look at this article: PPI after Trust Deed
Hi there SallyP

Further to what James was saying as long as both you and your Trustee have been discharged from your Trust Deed there is nothing to stop you claiming. Given the Trust Deed ended last March I would have thought that your Trustee would also be discharged but you can check on the register of insolvencies to make sure.

I would also say that there is nothing to stop you making the PPI claims yourself. However you are likely to come up against some resistance so in this particular instance I think you are better off paying a specialist to help you. However you need to make sure you use a company who will only charge you if you physically receive any cash.
Hello SallyP

I will just re-iterate what James and Hayden have said. You are certianly eligable to claim but it might be best to use a specialist claims firm who understands your situation. We do offer a service here at BeatMyDebt.com so if you want further information please do not hesitate to contact us.