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All unsecured debts are included in a bankruptcy:

* Credit Cards
* Personal Loans
* Catalogue Debts
* Store Cards
* Overdrafts
* Outstanding balances after home or vehicle repossession
* Business loans for which the client is personally responsible
* Inland Revenue / VAT debts
* Utility bill arrears
* Council tax

The only debts that do survive bankruptcy and remain your responsibility after discharge are Matrimonial, criminal and importantly Student Loan Company debt.
Generally council tax debts are can be included in bankruptcy. These will normally include:

* All arrears outstanding at the date of the bankruptcy.
* The monthly instalment for the month in which you were made insolvent where, at the date of the bankruptcy order, the day on which that payment is due has passed and the payment has not been made.
* Where you have failed to comply with a reminder notice. This would mean the whole amount of the council tax for the year is due and payable, so the whole sum is a provable debt in a bankruptcy.

However it is important to note that council tax that becomes due after the date of your bankruptcy is not included in the bankriptcy and you must pay this as normal.
Hi there Kate

You make a good point there. Ultilities and council tax arrears can be included in bankruptcy. However if you are considering the bankruptcy solution you need to make sure that you budget for making the ongoing payments for these in your living expenses budget so that they do not fall into arrears again.