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Update from original post:

Your name and address is not published in your local newspaper unless you live in Northern Ireland.

However your details are recorded in the insolvency register which is accessible to the public via the internet. They are also recorded in the London Gazette archive.

Your employer is not notified of your bankruptcy. Howevere it is possible they may find out if they carry out a credit check against you or search for your name in the insolvency register. However most employers will have no reason to do this.

If you are renting your property your landlord will not normally be be told that you have been declared bankrupt.
Hi there everyone

Just a quick update to this post. In 2009 the rules about advertising bankruptcies were changed. As such, it is no longer necessary for the official receiver (OR) to advertise the bankruptcy in the bankrupt's local newspaper. As such, this will normally no longer happen unless the OR believes that it is important to do so. This may therefore still happen in some cases where the bankrupt is a sole trader, however generally the bankruptcy will not be advertised.
On the Bankruptcy Expert site and after speaking with James Falla, I am of the understanding that my landlord wouldn't be automatically informed if I wasn't in any arrears, which we have never been since being in this property for over 5 years.

Your post above contradicts this, which was initially a great concern to me and I thought I had been re leaved of this concern but have now read your post and I'm now confused!?
Thanks for highlighting this PeaceofMind. The post above was origianlly written in 2009. Times and the bankruptcy rules have changed since then. The post has now been updated to reflect the current situation.

I can confirm that if you go bankrupt you will be asked to give the name and address of your landlord in your application form. However it is highly unlikely that they will be contacted by the official receiver unless you have rent arrears.

Hope this helps :)