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By KathyM
We have emmigrated to the US from scotland 11 months ago. My wife cannot get a job and we are finding it more expensive then we thought. We have 15000 of uk debt that we have been paying back but we are going over drawn here. We are considering ending these payment, or even freezing them. What are our options?
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By Geraldine
Hi there KathyM

Because you were living in Scotland before you left the UK you would need to consider the Scottish debt solutions such as a Trust Deed. However this is a problem because you can only use the Scottish solutions if you are actually currently resident in Scotland. As such the only option open to you is a DMP (Debt management Plan). This would reduce the payments you make to the debts here in the UK down to an amount that you can afford.
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By Hayden
You cannot use the Trust Deed, DAS or Sequestration solutions unless you are actually living in Scotland at the moment KathyM. As such if you want to try to manage these debts, your only option will be a DMP as Geraldine has said.

Of course the other option is to simply ignore these debts. Do they have contact details for you in the US? If not they are very unlikely to find you. This could be the best thing if you are not planning to come back to the UK any time soon.
By KathyM
Thanks for your replies. I will have a think about this. I know what you mean about perhaps simply ignoring the debts but I have to say I do not feel very comfortable with this.... The problem is we can probably only afford about £100 a month towards our UK debts. I was reading about a Trust Deed and hoped that we could do that but I now realise that this is not an option as we no longer live in Scotland.
By Carla
Hi KathyM

I know this is a hard decision to make but unless you can make sensible payments into a DMP which would mean that the debts could be paid in 4-5 years max then I think the option of just ignoring them might well be the right one. Good luck with it. :)