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hi, i am currenlty applying for a trust deed, one of the poeple i owe is bank of scotland, but i have a basic lloyds card cash acc thats does not allow overdrift, can i still keep my bank acc as i get my benefits paid into it? Thank you.
Hi Jamie74 and welcome to the forum. Even though Lloyds TSB and HBOS are part of the same 'group', theoretically they do not have the right to offset against each other. Therefore, your bank account with Lloyds should be fine for you to keep.
Hi there Jamie74

If I were you I would take a belt and braces approach and open a new bank account with a bank not linked in any way to your creditors. This is quite easy to do and that way you can be sure any money deposited in the account will be safe.

Cara is right to say that you should be fine however I have heard many examples of where offset does happen in situations like this. Better to be safe than sorry.