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A good starting point for bankruptcy questions
By Sparkles84

I've applied for bankruptcy yesterday and just have a question.

When it is accepted as bankrupt, can I delete all my self employed business social media and email accounts or do I have to wait until I speak to the RO?

Someone I know said that I have to announce it on social media but can I just put something on the websites? I'm a full time carer to my mum now so could do without the extra stress.

Thanks for the help 😊
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By Hayden
Hi Sparkles84. Welcome to the forum

Once you go bankrupt there is no reason you cannot continue working as a self employed person. You can carry on as long as you trade using your own name.

If you have been using a trading name you can continue to use this as long as you use your own name as well. For example "Jane Smith T/A Galloping Dog Walkers". If you have a business e-mail you can continue using that as long as in any e-mail you send you make clear it is from your name trading as.....

As long as any social media accounts you use for business make clear it is you and use your name trading as..... then as far as I am aware you dont have to delete them.
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By James Falla
Hi Sparkles84

You certainly do not have to announce the fact that you have gone bankrupt on social media.

From what you have said I am not 100% sure what you are asking. Do you run a business as a carer or do you have another business that you want to continue trading while you are bankrupt?

Have you been running a business that you now want to close down or are you hoping to carry on with it?