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A good starting point for bankruptcy questions
By Hollandb2018
Hi , I have worked up debts before I met my partner . I now have no other option but to go bankrupt from that advice I have been given
Problem I have is my partner does not know I fear he will leave me all my post is still going to my dads house and I live with my partner and our child .

Can I apply at my dads house

I am consumed with stress and have made my self very sick with this all .

I want to tell my partner but after I have filed as I don’t want to burden him with The stress as well .

So can I file at my dads house , do I need to add my husband in , he supports me and my child .

Thank you so much
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By Geraldine
Hi Hollandb and welcome to the forum :)

Try not to get too stressed. I am sure that this can all be sorted out.

Are all your debts and bank account still registered at your Dad's including any benefits you receive? If so then yes it is possible to use your Dad's address to go bankrupt.

Once you submit your application the Adjusdictor will do a credit check on you to confirm your identity. As long as this also records you as living at your Dad's then there will not be an issue. If there is any problem you will simply need to provide a current bank statement to the Adjudicator showing your Dad's address.

The only other complication is your income and expenses budget. If you are claiming you are living at your Dad's then how you present your income and expenses must reflect that.

My suggestion is that you have a chat to James Falla at Beat My Debt. He has been advising people about Bankruptcy for a long time so I am sure he could help. :)