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A good starting point for bankruptcy questions
By jennygray
Going through the application and not sure about one thing.
live with my ex, dad of our child. i have no title to the property as we split up before I have decided to go through the process. Cutting the whole story (no need for my life story) he let me stay in his property with my little one. i pay him an agreed amount every month towards rent and bills. Do I declare him as a landlord of family on my application?
Please help, I want to do things right.
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By Hayden
Hi Jennygray and welcome to the forum :)

From what you have said it sounds as though you are living in lodgings. In other words you are renting a room in a property you do not own. The fact that the landlord is your ex is not relevant. You could just as well be lodging somewhere else.

In terms of the application form you do not include your ex as a member of your household. Even though you are living in his property you are not living with him so to speak. He is simply your landlord. The members of your household are just yourself and your child.

If asked to provide the name of your landlord then yes you do give his name and address. The Official Receiver may need to contact him to confirm the amount you are paying him. You should record this amount as "rent" in the expenses part of the application.