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A good starting point for bankruptcy questions
By rupertdell

I declared myself bankrupt on 22 April 2016 and all being well will be discharged on 22 April 2017. I am a Director in a company that hasn't traded since Feb 2015 and is listed as dormant. I checked on Company House and noticed i am not down as 'resigned' as Director.

Am i ok to do it now ie am I in trouble for not resigning immediately? I thought it was automatically done by the OR. I haven't traded or done any work for the company since Feb 2015 and it is dormant.

Thanks for your help
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By James Falla
Hello Rupertdell and welcome to the forum.

Do not worry you are not going to get into trouble over this. Strictly speaking you should have resigned as a director as soon as you went bankrupt. I am surprised that the OR did not mention to you that it was your responsibility to do it.

Given you have not been managing or trading the company in any way since you then it does not really matter. I suggest you do resign now. Remember if you are the only director you will need to strike it off the company register as well as a company cannot exist without a director.