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By Geraldine
Hello sidrivingins. Good to hear from you again :)

I have to say this is very unusual and is certainly a mistake. Given the debt was included in your bankruptcy it is no longer owed and cannot be sold. I assume what has happened is that the debt purchaser has bought a bulk load of debts from this creditor and yours has been included in the list by mistake.

If the company who bought the debt is now contacting you then you simply need to tell them that it was included in your bankruptcy and is no longer owed. It would be useful to quote your bankruptcy reference. You should also refer them to the Official Receiver who was dealing with your case.

You will certainly not have to pay anything towards this debt.
Thanks Geraldine.

Phoned them this morning and you are indeed right. Northern Rock sold the debt on.

They require me to send proof of some sort of letter with my details on.

Realise it sounds lazy but can I just give them over the phone some form of proof?
No problem Si.

Normally the debt purchaser will require you to write them a letter confirming the reference of your bankruptcy and the date of discharge. I would do this if I were you. I would also include the details of the official receiver for good measure. Keep a copy of the letter just in case :)