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A good starting point for bankruptcy questions
I have debts of about £25k and am thinking about going Bankrupt. However about £5k of this is due to online gambling. Mostly on credit cards. Can they stop me going bankrupt because of this? What would happen to me if I did go bankrupt?
Hello Tiptree and welcome to the forum :)

There is nothing to stop you applying for bankruptcy if you have gambling debts. It is actually pretty common. The Court will not bar your application or anything like that. Once you are bankrupt you will have to have an interview with the Official Receiver. If you have been a serious gambler and most of your debt is due to gambling then they do have the power to extend your bankruptcy with a Restrictions Order. However this is rare if only a small amount of your debt is from gambling like yours.

Have you stopped gambling now? If not or you are worried about not being able to stop I would recommend speaking to either Gambler Annonymous or Gamcare. It will help on your application if you can say you are doing this.
Hi Tiptree

As Geraldine has said you should not have any problem with going bankrupt. Gambling is not a crime. Given only 20% of your debt is due to gambling I do not think you will be at risk of gettign a BRO so I really think you have nothing to worry about. Have you had a chat to a debt advisor about your options? If not I recommend speaking to James at Beat My Debt who I am sure will be able to help you.