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How long into an IVA can you offer to pay it off in full ?

Also this is unrelated to the above question but if I were to move to germany it is very likely I will have to pay tax up front - under an IVA can I borrow money from family and pay them back as a legitimate deduction from income ? (this may sound odd but I would be in a double taxation situation) This would not effect my commitment and arranged amount to pay the due amount under the iva.
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By Hayden
Hi and welcome to the forum

Generally speaking you can offer to settle an IVA early at any time. So even if you have only been in the Arrangement for a few months but your circumstances have now changed (and someone can help you offer a lump sum), settling is an option.

That said I have heard of some IVAs that have a term written into the terms and conditions that settling is not allowed until you have made a certain number of payments. It might be worth checking your IVA agreement but I do not think this is very usual.

In terms of your other question, I would have a chat with your IVA company and see what they say. If you are going to repay the amount borrowed by using the income tax amount you are then overpaid on your salary due to the advance payment, I do not think this would be a problem.

Of course if you do move to Germany your income and expenses budgets are likely to change completely. You will need to speak to your IVA company and they will have to complete a review of your circumstances to extablish what you will ned top pay into the arrangement going forward.