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By Tanie33
Hi there, I'm on an IVA with stepchange and today I've received my letter about my annual review. The thing is I earned a bit of overtime over the Christmas period but didn't inform Stepchange as I thought it would be dealt with at the review, but after reading up on my IVA credentials it appears I should've told them sooner. what will happen now?
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By Hayden
Hi there Tanie33 and welcome :)

You are right. If you receive any kind of bonus or commission payment or you earn more because of overtime you should tell your IVA company straight away. I suggest that you give them a call and let them know. It was a simple mistake so I am sure it will not be a huge problem.

Basically if you earn overtime it does not necessarily mean you will have to pay all of this into your IVA. In the month it was earned you are allowed to earn up to 10% on top of your normal take home pay without having to hand any of this over. Anything over this is split 50/50 with your IVA company :)
Hi there Tanie33

I agree with Hayden. You should inform your IVA company now and explain the mistake. How much extra money did you earn? If it was not a huge amount I am sure it will not be a big problem.
Hi Tanie33,
I agree with the other posts, give your IP a call and explain what has happened - if you have spent the money, they should be able to come to an arrangement with you so that you can pay it back monthly. If you receive anything extra in future, let them know straight away, that way you can pay what you need to and be sure that what you have left is yours to keep.
By Tanie33
Thanks all for your advice. I spoke to them on Friday. I did spend the money but it was only £500. They said I owe £200 as I could keep the other £300. My brother is going to help me clear this. I will certainly let them know straight away if I earn any extra in the future. Thanks again. I was in a bit of a panic but getting the answers from all of y0u really helped.
Hi Tanie33

Well at least it is all sorted out now and it is good that you did not need to pay all the money back. I hope you get it cleared soon and remember to come back and ask the forum if you need any further help in the future :)