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A good starting point for IVA questions
By sizzors
I'm in the third year of my iva and have been living with my partner who owns a property solely mortgaged in his name. The property is soon to be sold and we will be renting until a new house is found. He will be solely paying the rent and other outgoings as he earns substantially more than me and covers all household expenses except food shopping. My concern is that his application will be affected as it seems i have to be named and checked also as i will be living there. Any wise words of wisdom from anyone who has any experience on this would be much appreciated.
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By Hayden
Hi there sizzors

Not heard from you in a while. Hope all is OK :) If your partner is the one who will be paying the rent then I would have thought that the tenancy agreement could be in his name alone which would mean that there would be no reason for the letting agent to do a credit check on you. You should enquire about this option if you have not already done so.

I cannot understand why a letting agent would need to do a credit check on you if you are not a named tenant. However if they do then I would be upfront and tell them that your credit rating is poor (do not specifically mention the IVA as they will almost certainly not understand what this means). Given your partner is in affect guaranteeing the payment of the rent this should not be a big issue.

Let us know how you get on.
By Melissa S
Hi sizzors

i have to say I agree with Hayden, i cannot understand why you would need to be checked unless it was a joint tenancy. I would check this with the letting agents as it should only be your partners name on the tenancy.

however, if you are upfront about your poor credit rating there should not be any repercussions to your partners credit or ability to rent.

keep us informed, I would be interested to hear about this further. good luck :)