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We made our last payment to our IVA In June 2013. Grant Thornton asked us to claim for PPI which we got in Sept 2013 and we paid this over to them. We only got our certificate yesterday.

The PPI meant that we paid £58200 and our total debt before we went into the IVA and was only £43001. Will we get that extra back?
Hello Grant333 and welcome.

Normally in this situation you would not be likely to get any of your PPI money back. The reason for this is that even though you have paid 100% of your original debt back on top of this you would also have to pay Grant Thornton's fees which would probably be c£8000 (a Nominee fee of c£1500 and then Supervisor's fees of 15% of the rest of the money you paid). Then on top of that GT would be entitled to give interest to your creditors of 8% of your total debt so another c£3500

These two things would total £11500 but I understand you have paid nearly £15k extra into your IVA. As such I would have thought you should be due a refund of c£3500.

I would definitely contact GT and ask them for a breakdown of exactly where all the money has gone.
Thanks Hayden. I am not at all happy as this was not want we originally signed up for with our IVA. I understood that if 100% of our debt was paid that would be it. The problem is that GT took over from the original IVA provider so I am not sure who to complain to about this......
Hi there Grant333

I can certainly understand your frustration with this. It is a difficult one but you are unfortunately going to have to take this up with Grant Thornton. As I mentioned before the first step is to demand a breakdown of who has been paid what. You can then make a decision about your next step.